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CRANDL Consulting solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure that we not only understand your core needs, but also help you to develop your leadership and talent effectively.

Jim Donovan

Talent | Change | Executive Coaching |  Leadership

Sandy O'Gorman

Coaching | Employee Relations | Human Capital  Management

Steve Goveia

Strategy | Employee Relations |  Human Capital  Management | Change

Dr. Arthur Jue

Co-Founder | Leadership | Talent Development | Performance | Change

Dr. Prasad Kaipa

Leadership | Executive Coaching | Innovation Management | Strategy

Dr. Gopal Mahapatra

Learning | Leadership | Coaching | Organizational Development

Jackie Alcalde Marr

Talent | Change | Coaching | Organizational Development

Elaina Muhlestein

Organizational Psychology | Team Dynamics | Coaching | Operations

Kuldip Reyatt

Leadership | Strategy | Organizational Transforrmation

Dr. Carolyn Salerno

Learning | Transformational Leadership | Business Development | Sustainability

Lisa Thomas

Human Capital Management Learning | Operations

Jennifer Mackie

Talent Acquisition Management Strategy | M&A

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